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*·-·´¯`·-»¦«-·´¯`*:·.,LoVe QuOtEs.·:*´¯`·-»¦«-·´¯`·-·*

*I love you because I can't remember what life was like
...before I had you.*

~The first duty of love - is to listen~

LOVE: The irresistable desire to be irresistibly desired.

I love the way you look at me, And the way you make me feel.
Everything about you, It makes me feel so real. Every time I look at
you, I completely melt. Cause, baby, you're the one, The one I'm
cray for. You make me feel so special, You're what matters most.
And every time I'm with you, There's nowhere else I'd rather be.

Every time I kiss you,
its like the first time,
it takes my breath away.

... i Swear by the moon and the stars in the sky Ill be there
i swear like the shadow thats by your side, Ill be there
For better or worse til death do us part
Ill love u with every beat of my heart, I swear ...

..* I love you more than you will ever know,
but its just hard to let it show*..

~When i look into ur eyez i see how much i luv u
& i've realized that ur the only one 4 me~

~A kiss was designed for when words become unnecessary~

Every night with you,
You make it seem like the first night,
you haven't changed a bit
and that's something i wouldn't change for a thing

*I love you when you smile, I love you when you're bad~
*I love you when you're kidding, I love you when you're mad~
*I love you when you're playing, I love you when you're blue~
*But the reason that I really love you is because you're you~

~You live and you breathe and then you die. In between, if you're lucky,
you fall in love. Some loves stay forever, others are lost in only a day.
But it's still there, underneath all the hurt and pride and years. If it's true
love, it's never forgotten. So when someone says they're in love, don't
tell them they can't be. Don't say they're too young, or it's too soon.
Love knows no age or length of time. Love is a feeling, deep in your
heart, that squeezes you tight and you never want to let it go.~

wHaTz tOmMy wiThOuT cHucKy?
sTeve wiThoUt bLue?
SponGebOb wiThOuT pAtRick?

Love can make you *happy* but often times it {hurts}
but love is only special when you give it to who it's worth

Every moment spent with you is every one of my dreams coming true.

*i dOnt think yOu knOw hOw much i need yOu
and hOw much i really dO loVe yOu*.

~I never knew that I could want someone so *much*

He makes Me shine, He So divine,
I love him So much, I Break out in Rhyme,
Hes all I can think of, hes all that is TrUe,
Perhaps, thats why, I love you and everything you Do.

No matter what I do, all I think about is you.

~Theres nothing in the world I want more.~
Id fight for you, Id die for you, walk the line for you,
Ya, Id die for you, cant you see, im so in love with you.

I hate The fact That I let you have So much control over me,
with every sweet word you say, it melts me into a puddle of
vulnerability. With every hug you give me, you make my knees
buckle and eVeRyTiMe you kiss Me, my heart begins to race,
as much as I hate being Wrapped around your little finger,
I love being in love with you.

I dont need a DrEaM...I got you.

* L o V e *
Its hard 2 Find...Easy 2 lose
Makes you feel good...but *hurts* so bad
opens your eyes but makes you {blind}
fills up your heart & tears it a p a r t

If you LoVe someone, you say it, you say it RiGhT there, out loud.
*~Otherwise the moment just passes you by~*

* Love is a very precious thing...When you finally find it...Dont Let It Go *

It only took a minute, to let you in my life
It only took a minute, for me to realize
It only took a minute, and i knew just what to do
It only to a minute to fall in love with you

You came into my life
Made everything go right
So *sweet* and -tenderly-
Unlock the love, you've got the key
I'm so satisfied
This kind of love I just can't hide
I'm gonna love you for always

Your *heart* is safe with me, I'll never hurt you...I'll be there
through everything, I won't make you cry...I know this world is
cold, but in my arms you'll see...That your heart is safe with me...

Don't fall in luv wit da illusion,
illusions are confusin, be in luv wit da reality!

LuV iS LiKe HoLding Ur BreaTh SooNer oR LaTeR U HaFta LeT Go

*Love is as beautiful as the blood you'd shed for it.*

*Love in your heart wasn't put there to StAy.*
*Love isn't love until you give it away.*

*Love is like playing the piano.
First, you must learn to play by the rules.
Then, you must {forget} the rules and play from your HeArT.*

*I'd climb the highest mountain, just to see you smile.
I'd swim the ocean, just to hold your hand.
I'd run a million miles, just to be with you forever.

*I'm just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love me.*

~*Close your eyes and take the FaLL.*~
-If it's really love then there's no risk at all.-

That {moment} when u kiss someone and everything around you
becomes HaZyall thats in focus is *you* and this *person*and
for one moment u realize u were given this great gift. You wanna
*laugh* and u wanna *cry* cuz you're so happy. Youve found it,
but so scared youll lose it at the same time.

~Love is too strong a word to say it too early,
but it has too -beautiful- a meaning to say it too LaTe.~

.Forever. meant nothing to me, until I met you...

EvErY LiTtLe ThiNg He DoEs is ||MaGiC||
EvErY tHiNg He DoEs JuSt TuRnS mE oN
Ya KnOw My LiFe BeFoRe WaS *tRaGiC*
BuT mY -LoVe- FoR hiM gOeS oN

Things burn, people die, but real love lasts FoReVeR

Never will I forget the time I spent with you.
For I will always find *you* in my heart,
as I hope you will always find me in yours.

WhEn iNsIdE i'M cRyIn
iT'Z aLwAyZ uR nUmBa
DaT i Be DiALiN

I dont know how to say this
So i'll just say it straight up
->I Love you more then words could say
n boy..your all i got

*.love is when you have a bad day.*
*.but then you see the one you love.*
*.and everything suddenly seems ok.*

~the best and most important proof of love is trust~

When you are in love, an hour apart feels like a lifetime,
but *together* that same hour feels like a -second- in paradise...
i want to be in paradise forever...

Everyday that goes by it seems like I discover somethíng new about you to love.
It'z incredíble to me how one person can make such a *BIG* dífference in my lífe.
You touch me in a way no one else ever has and gíve me so many reasons to *Love You*.

He is the *breath* *Life* and very *air* that I breathe
For this man, i would dieand for this man, -I Love-

i looked at you a thousand times
but this time when i looked at u
there was somethin new
how could i have been so blind?

Love is like a cLoUd, love is like a DrEaM,
love is one word and EvErYtHiNg in between,
love is fairy tale come *true*
because i found LoVe when i found *you*

Seduce my -mind- and you can have my body,
*find* my soul and I'm yours forever

My love for u is ReAL,
let me show you how i FeeL,
six little words, simple but true:
Baby, I'm in love with you

*My love starts at Forever and ends at Never *

I love you more than I can {say} or {show}
..more than you will ever know..

I believe in *you*,
I believe in *our* love,
I believe in our tomorrow's,
I believe in *us*

~Love is a flower...you've got to let grow~

If I could have 3 wishes, I wouldn't wish for the
stars, the moon, the riches and this life. But for 25 hours a day, 8 days a week,
and 13 months a year to spend a longer time with you.

That's why it's called falling in love...
Cuz you don't force yourself to fall...
You just do...

I hated the rain till I danced with u...
& like the rain I fell 4 u...

Love puts the fun in *together*
The sad in ApArT
The hope in {tomorrow}
The joy in the heart

If i'm in heaven and you're not there, i'd carve your name in golden
chairs, for all the angels there to see, that i love you and you love me.
if you're not there on judgement day, i'll know you went the other way,
so just to prove that our love is true, i'd go to hell just to be with you.

If you love someone, tell them...
for hearts are often broken by words left unspoken.

Words begin with ABC
Numbers begin with 123
Music begins with DO RE MI
But *true love* begins with YoU & Me

°º·×LuV is LiKe A sTaR×·º°
°º·×U KnOw ThAt ReAcHiN iT iS iMpOsSibLe×·º°
°º·×BuT yOu KeeP ReAcHiN×·º°
°º·×HoPinG 1 DaY ThaT StaR WiLL FaLL 4 YoU×·º°

*My HeArT BeLoNgS tO YoU*
*No MaTtEr WhAt i TrY*
*WhEn I GeT tHe CoUrAgE To LoVe SoMeOne NeW*
*It aLL FaLLs aPaRt CaUsE TheY cOuLd NeVa CoMpArE 2 U*

~I LoVe you, alwayz will, and I'm sorry for all I've done~
~You'll always be in my *heart* and you'll alwayz be Number one~

*You may not LoVe me today, tomorrow...or EvEr
But i will LoVe you untill it kills me...
and even then...*you will be in my HeArT*

-*If you never get your HeArT broken...you'll NeVeR learn to LoVe*-

Your Heart is One of Your Most Prized Possessions
...Be *Careful* Who You Give it To...

LoVe is almost like -S u i c i d e-
You give so much to that special someone ...
that you sometimez end up killing yourself inside

*Love can touch just one time, but it can last for a *LifeTime*

*LoVe is kind, you've been on mah mind,
LoVe is tender, wondering if we could be together
LoVe is true, but you know what?
I think this LoVe is YoU!*

-*-With a thousand different voices ringing in my ear.
Listen to da whisper only the heart can hear-*-

*Last night i looked up at the *stars* & matched each one with a reason
why I LoVe YoU...& i was doing GrEaT, untill i ran out of *stars*

-It's not that i can't LiVe without you, its that i don't even want to try-

So EaSy To fEeL
So HaRd To eXpLaIn
& So HaRd To LeT Go oF
YeS iM TaLkiN bOuT LoVe

*Love is like Heaven...but it can *hurt* like Hell*

~The BeSt and most *beautiful* things in the world cannot be touched.
They must be FeLt with the *heart*~

*Age Doesn't Matter when it Comes to LoVe*

My Heart Beats Faster
Every time You Walk By,
My Eyes *Sparkle*
Every Time I Hear Your Voice,
And I Love You More
Every time You Smile At Me!

~We come to LoVe not by finding a *perfect* person
But by *learning* to see an imperfect person..PeRfeCtLy~

*When a girl LoVeS a guy, the sweetest thing to hear is..that he LoVeS her too*

-*-Never be scare to tell someone you LoVe them, they may
break your heart, but you may break theirs if you dont-*-

*Loved you Yesterday, Love you Still, Alwayz have, Alwayz will.*

Right now, you're not here, but that doesn't mean your gone.
There's no good-byes between you and I,
I love you too much...Even if you're already long gone.

*You know you're in LoVe when you think about someone
*more* times a day..than you think about yourself.*

oF aLL tHe GuYs I'vE eVeR kNoWn
yOu StAnD oUt AmOnG tHe ReSt
AnD i MeAN ThiS WiTh aLL mY hEaRt
BaBy Ur ThE * b E s T *

When I look into your eyes
my whole world feels so right
But to me it's no surprise
Cuz ur the *best* thing in my life

*LoVe* me when i LeAsT deserve it
..Because that is when i NeEd it *most*

Once you find someone you really *Love*
try your HaRdEsT not to lose them
because you will NeVeR get over the feeling of -Loneliness-

If YoU tRuLy LoVe SoMeOnE, If YoU EvEr BrEaK Up,
YoUr HeArT WiLL aLwAyS Go On, ThAt Is TrUe LoVe.

*If you aLwAyS LoVe who you aLwAyS LiKeD*
*Then you'll aLwAyS GeT who you aLwAyS GoT*

~Sometimes in LoVe you *must* accept the fact that what makes the
person you cared about, HaPpY- might on the other hand leave you *so* lonely~

There isn't a particle of you i dont *know* *remember* and *want*

I couldn't tell *fact* from *fiction* or if my dream was ((true)),
the only SuRe prediction in this whole world, was YoU.

~To GeT To a WoMaNs HeArT,
a MaN mUsT FiRsT UsE HiS OwN~

A TeAr for the day we *MeT*
A TeAr for each day you said you *LovEd* me
A TeAr for all the *MoMeNts* i held you in my arms
A TeAr for every *KiSs*
A TeAr for all the times i *MiSs*
A TeAr for all that you *WeRe* to me
A TeAr for what our *FuTuRe* was meant to be
A TeAr for the moment you said *GoOdByE*
A TeAr for everything that was so *TrUe*
aLL BeCaUsE i'M StiLL iN LoVe WiTh YoU

:: Sometimes i wish i had never met you, ::
because then i could go to sleep at night not knowing there was someone like you

FoReVeR i wiLL *LoVe* you
YeT To LoVe yOu MaKeS Me *CrY*
So FoReVeR I WiLL LoVe YoU
& FoReVeR i sHaLL CrY

~*Love me NoW or Love me NeVa
but if your gunna LoVe me,
~*Love me FoReVeR*~

-I get the best feelings in the world when you say hi to me or even *smile*,
because i know for a *second* i crossed your mind-

*Loving you is like breathing...how can i stop?*

~Fate brought you back to me, this time i wont let you leave.~
-I'm gunna LoVe you untill the *end*-

~*Me? I'm scared of everything. I'm scared of who i am, What i saw,
What i did, but most of all..I'm scared of walking out of this room, and never
feeling, for the rest of my life, the way i feel when im with you.*~

~EvEn iF hE DoEsNt LiKe Me ToMoRrOw,
I KnEw He LoVeD mE YeStErDaY~

.*.If you love something..set it FrEe..if it comes back, it was meant to be.
If it continues to fly, let it soar, have faith that God has something better in store.*.
*Love is the feeling of *truth* in your heart when he says he'll love you forever*

LoVe iS RaRe, LiFe Is StRaNgE--NoThInG LaStS AnD PeOpLe ChAnGe

KiSsEs DoNt MeAn AnYtHiNg
*UnTiLL yOuR iN LoVe*

Thers something about you i cant explain
((i dont know what it is))
But all i know is
--i need more of it--

BoY nO mAtTa WhAt i Do
My hEaRt WiLL fOrEvEr bELoNg tO yOu

* A HeArT tRuLy in *LoVe* nEvEr LoSeS HoPe *
BuT *always* BeLiEvEs In ThE pRoMiSeS oF LoVe
No MaTtEr hOw LoNg ThE TiMe & HoW FaR ThE DiStAnCe

Immature Love sayz:: i Love you because i Need you
Mature Love sayz:: i Need you because I Love you

-*If you fall in love, make sure there is somebody there to *catch* you*-

*Love arrives as a tiptoe, but bangs on the door as it LeAvEs*

~Some people can go their entire life without falling in love. I have
fallen in love once, and lost it all as i FeLL, but
the *hurt* is worth so much more, then not loving at all~

*In love, it should NeVa matta if you are the first,*
*for it is more important that you are the LaSt*

-DeStiNy DeTeRmInEs WhO CoMeZ...-
YoUr *HeArT* DeTeRmInEs WhO StaYz-

*Love is when you take away the *FeeLinG*, the *RoMaNcE*, and
the *PaSsiOn*, and you find that you still care for that person*

-LoVe- a grave mental disease-

You can tell a lot about a man
By the woman he loves
Cause nothing else shows a part of his soul
* Like she does *

~To demand a LoVe that is to be without JeAloUsy~
~..is to ask of *light* that casts no shadows~

-*-I'd do anything to get you to love me, the way i love you. But
there's only one person that can make you love me, and that person is
you. If i could make you love me, i would've been in your arms along
time ago. If there's one thing that keeps me alive, it's wondering
if you'll ever love me again-*-

ThE MoRe YoU *JuDgE* ThE LeSs U *LoVe*

~Theres one thing that makes me wake up in the morning,
and its thinking of seeing *you* that day~

*When i first saw you...i was afraid to -talk- to you*
*When i first talked to you...i was afraid to -like- you*
*When i first liked you...i was afraid to -love- you*
*Now that i love you...I'm afraid to -lose- you*

~Love is not what you are, But what you may BeCoMe~

*JeaLoUsY is a RaGe that CaUsEs people to do RaSh, UnSpEaKabLe things.
So is LoVe.
But where LoVe can have a *HapPy* ending...JeaLoUsY CaNt*

*Ur HuGz -N- KiSsEs ArE LiKe ThE StArZ*
-YoU LiGhT uP My LiFe WhEn ThiNgZ GeT DaRk-

* I can find *anyone* to -hold- me,
What i need now is for *YOU* to -Love- me *

*You never lose by loving. You *always* lose by holding back*

-*-Im not supposed to Love you, I'm not supposed to care,
I'm not supposed to live my life, wishing you were there.
I'm not supposed to wonder where you are or what you do.
I'm sorry I just can't help myself, i fell in love with you-*-

*The thing that hurts most, is seeing the one you love, love someone else*

LoVe is...RuNnInG inTo HiS aRmS,
CoLLiDiNg wiTh HiS *HeArT*,
AnD ExpLoDiNg iNtO hiS SoUL

True Luv lasts 4eva..
neva does it stop..
i Love you with all my heart
[from the bottom to the top]

Everyone asks...why do you love him?
But if I told them, they would love him too...

Loveit isn't how u forget...but how u forgive.
not how u listen...but how u understand.
not what u seebut how u feel
it's not how u let go...it's how u hold on.

Since the first time you ran your fingers through my hair, since the
first time our hands became one. since the first time your kisses took away
my pain, I knew I'd never be the same.

You know you're in love when all it takes is one song to make
you think of him and you can't hear anything except the music
and your heart beating..all of a sudden you find it hard to
breathe; Butterflies are in your stomach and tears are running
down your cheeks but you don't know why!!

Love iS Lovinq sOmeOne uncOndtiOnaLLy
. . .especiaLLy aT theiR Lowest mOmentS

You can't go beyond my thoughts, or leave my love behind,
because I keep you in my heart and forever in my mind.
And though I may not tell you, I think you know it's true.
I find happiness in every thought of you.

Just because we are far apart doesn´t mean that we are far at heart.
Too many restless niqhts I sit and think of you knowin` that you are
thinkin` of me too. I´m wishin` that you were here with me and thinkin`
of how happy we could be. This is my dream when I dream about you an
everlastin` love that will never fade blue no matter how far tha distance
no matter what the consequence I will always love you.

*. every breath u take every.*
.*move u make it keeps me*.
*.alive ~everyday i`m watching.*
.* cant u see u belong to me *.
*.i'd do anything for ur love .*

*Just the thought of being with you tomorrow...*
*is enough to get me through today*

.Know Love.
.Know HappIness.
.No Love.
.No Happiness.

~If i could *reach* up and *hold* a StAr for every time You've made me smile~
~The *entire* evening sky would be in the *palm* of my HaNd~

:: pLeAsE CaTcH Me ::
:: I'm FaLLiN' 4 YoU ::

*LoVe is the SwEeTeSt of DrEaMs, & the WoRsT of NiGhTmArEs*

I droped a *TeAr* in the (OcEaN)
& the day i FiNd it
is the day i will StOp *loving* you

...LoVe is like *quicksand*...
ThE DeEpEr YoU FaLL, ThE hArDeR iT iS To GeT OuT

*You're 2 inches away from me, but you're still too far away*

Go ahead and say it: I Love You
You can say it a *thousand* timez
But -TrUe- Love doesn't need to be told

~*Time doesn't matter, LoVe is *forever*~

* What can i say? You're going away. I can't say I'll< see you
tomorrow for there will be many days to follow of loneliness and tears.
I know someday we will meet again. I know that this is NoT the end.
I have so much i need to say, but today i will leave you with
I will miss you, and I LoVe YoU*

*Love is like a butterfly,*
*HoLd it too Tight, It'll crush*
*HoLd it too Loose, It'll fly*

YoU aRe iNcReDiBLe
...My OnLy OnE...
NeVeR ThOuGhT *LoVe*
..cOuLd Be PaSsIoNaTe FuN..

-Love can make you do things that you *never* thought possible-

Just to see you sMiLe...I'd do *anything* u wanted me 2
and all this SaiD and DoNe, i *never* count the cost
It's WoRtH all thats *lost*...just 2 see you SmiLe

i'Ve FiNaLLY ReALiZeD uR mY tRuE LoVe
AnD iVe hAd a LoT of TiMe tO tHiNk aBoUt iT
BuT uR tHe oNLy tHiNg i ThInK oF

*The space between the tearz we cry*
*is the laughter that keeps us coming back for more*

Look at the *StArS*
Look how they *ShiNe* for you
and all the thingz you do..

~Love isnt something *dreamers* look for in reality~
~Its something *reality* looks for in dreamers~

You dont have to LoVe in words
even through the silence,
LoVe is always heard

-Hearts will never be practial, untill they can be made *unbreakable*-

*Never give up on the one that makes you *sMiLe*

-*-Theres something about that look in your eyes, something i
noticed when the light was just right, it reminded me twice
that i was alive, and it reminded me that you're so worth the fight-*-

-True love CaNt be found where it doesn't truly exist,
NoR can it be *HiDdEn* where it truly does-

~You are everything i never knew i always wanted~

LoVe caN RiP yOu ApArT
BuT iF uR LuCKy
iT cAn aLsO pUt u BaCk ToGeThEr

Once you catch me u gotta really try
Cuz it takes alot to catch my eye
Buy When i found u it took me by surprise
u didn't have to try hard cuz i got lost iN ur *e y e s*

* My love is like the w i n d... I cant see it, But I can feel it *

~ No matter what people say im gonna love him [anyway]

L is for tha way u *LoOk* at me
O is for tha *only 1* i see
V is *vErY*vErY* extraordinary
E is ever more then *AnYoNe* that u adore..
*LoVe is aLL tHaT i CaN gIvE 2 u

The sun don't shine forever.. But as long as it's here....we might as well shine together Even if the sun refused to shine.. Even if romance ran out of rhyme.... You would still have my heart until the end of time.. You're all I need

The first time i saw you, i knew it was *TrUe*
~ThAt I'll LoVe you forever and thats what I'll do~
You dont know wut you do 2 me, you dont have a *clue*
You dont know wut it's like to be me lookin at you!

~Love is when you fall asleep in his arms..
..And wake up in his dreams~

~*~Love Means Never Having 2 Say Ur Sorry~*~

If a smile was a minute i'd give you an *hour*
If a kiss was a petal i'd give you a *flower*
If a word was a droplet i'd give you the *sea*
If love was a person i'd give you *me*

-To Say That You Can Love One Person All Your Life,
is Like Saying That One Candle Will Continue To Burn For As Long As You Live-

I love you, and I cant deny it,
I love you, and I want the whole world to know it,
so next time your gunna say I love you,
make sure you mean it like I do.

i can't help it i love you too much,
i have a feeling this time, it's more than a crush

:*i'M aDdiCtEd tO tHoSe KiSsEs ThAt KeEp Me Up aLL NiTe
i NeVa KnEw DaT aNyThInG cOuLd eVa fEeL sO RitE*:.

~I'll LoVe you forever...I'll LoVe you for alwayz
as long as im living *my* baby you'll be~

N.o.B.o.D.y. is PeRfEcT untill you fall in LoVe with them

The way i feel 4 u..i -cant- describe...
it's almost too *intense* to verbalize...
Essentially you're all I'm living for
& basically...
i need you more and more...

SoMeTiMeS i LiE aWaKe LoOkIn aT tHe SkY
sEeIn tHe StArZ aS bRiGhT aS YoUr EyEs
WaiTiN iMpAtIeNtLy tO hEaR yOuR vOiCe
iF iT wAs Up To mE ThErE wOuLd Be No ChOiCe
LyIn BeSiDe yOu iS wHeRe i wOuLd bE
JuSt tO bE iN YoUr ArMs iS aLL i NeEd

~I'll *LoVe* you forever...
I'll LoVe you for always
as long as i'm LiViNg...
*My* baby you'll be~

**The hardest thing is falling in LoVe
with someone who aint there to catch u **

. : i D r e a m of us together : .
: . how great it c o u l d be...:
. : but I'll keep my Love a secret : .
: . untill ur LoViNg me . :

~Once upon a time~
~it happened 2 me~
~The sweetest thing that could ever be~
~iT was A fantasy...A dream come tue~
~it was the day I met you~

*True LoVe is Not 2 Souls Coming Together,
But it's One Soul...Finding it's Other Half*

ThE FiRsT TiMe I sAw YoU...I KnEw It WaS TrUe
ThAt I'd LoVe YoU fOrEvEr...aNd ThAtS wHaT I'll Do

You game me your ups when i was feelin' down
You gave me your smiles when i began to frown
You gave me your arms when i needed a hug
You gave me your heart when i needed someone to love

WhEn Ur HoPeLeSsLy In LoVe...U tHiNk iT's TrUe
WhEn He'S aLL uR tHiNkiN oF WhEn ThErE's NuThIn eLse 2 Do
Do UrSeLf A FaVoR *n* ThInK tHe wHoLe ThInG tHrU
..AsK YoUrSeLf A QuEsTiOn..
Is He ThInKiN oF u ToO?

Falling in love is awfully simple,
Falling out of love is (s i m p l y) awful

:: WhEn We'Re ApArT - mY hEaRt JuSt ShAtTeRs ::
:: BuT WhEn We'Re ToGeThEr nUtHiN eLsE rEaLLy MaTtErz ::
:: ExCePt Me WiTh yOu AnD YoU WiTh Me ::
: bOy I LoVe YoU MoRe ThAn YoU cOuLd EvEr SeE ::

*~You May Hold My Hand For Awhile, But You Can Hold My Heart Forever~*

Yea, this is a *perfect* love - dOing nOthing but what perfect loverz dO
.. we're nOt trying to make hist0ry at all ..it's just me and you in a - perfect love -

-iF ThErE's SoMeOnE u rEaLLy WaNnA bE WiTh-
*ThEy'Re WoRtH wAiTiNg FoR*

~Everyone says you only fall in love *OnCe* but that's not true,
everytime i hear you're (VoIcE) i fall in love all over again~

-For LoVe I'd do anything. For *YoU* I'd do more-

*~My LoVe FoR YoU iS LiKe TiMe...
If YoU GiVe It JuSt OnE MoMeNt,
It WiLL LaSt FoReVeR~*

-HoLd On TiGhT-
CuZ mY LoVe iS *rEaL*
i'LL mAkE u FeEl xTc
WiThOuT tHe PiLL

-*-We May Fight, We May Cry, BuT My Love For You Will Never Die-*-

If you really Love something set it free,
if it comes back: it's meant 2 be,
if it doesn't- it never was

*Don't push AnYoNe too hard, if it's meant to be, it will happen*

Too Many Starz In The Skies
Too Many Tearz That Have Left My Eyes
Too Many Boys Out In The Blue
But They Are *Nothing* Compared 2 You

Theres a *sparkle* in your eye that only i see..
and theres a place in *your* heart where only I wanna be

~Sometimes the person you really need....is the one you didnt think you wanted~

...EvErYbOdY needs that SoMeBoDy....
*You* could be that SoMeBoDy that SoMeOne needs

-*-LoVe happens...When You Stop Looking For It-*-

-How come you have all the time in tha world to go out and make *otha*
girlz love you but you *dont* have time for the one who already doez?-

-*-Love is when you dont wanna go ta sleep cuz (rEaLiTy) is better then a dream-*-

-No One Can Tell Anyone What Love Is;
You Will Simply Know It When You Feel Nothing Else-

~If I know what LoVe is...it is because of YoU~

~A kiss is just a *kiss* till you find the one you LoVe~
~A hug is just a *hug* till it's the one you're thinkin of~
~A dream is just a *dream* till you make it come true~
~LoVe is just a *word* till it's proven 2 you~

*They say love is hiding in every corner...well...i MuSt be walkin in circles!*

~*~LoVe CaN SoMeTiMeZ bE MaGiC.
BuT MaGiC...CaN SoMeTiMes...
JuSt Be An iLLuSiOn~*~

*If i drop a tear into the ocean, the day i find it is the day I'll stop loving you*

-I dOnT kNoW wHeRe i StAnD WiTh YoU
I'Ve NeVa MeT AnYoNe LiKe YoU
I DuNnO WuT i MeAn To YoU
Or EvEn WhAt I SeE In YoU
aLL i KnOw Is EvErYtImE i SeE YoU
aLL i WaNt iS To Be WiTh YoU-

Just because lips have *MeT*
Dont mean hearts have *JoInEd*

I Wrote Your Name In The Sand And The Water Washed It Away
I Wrote Your Name In My Heart And Foreva It Will Stay

I miss you more
Just hearIng ur voice
But thats all we've got
we have no choice
If i could have
Just one dream come true
I'd dream a dream
That I could be with you
( distant love )

I love rainbows, I love rain, I love you, &
Ummm I forgot the rest, but I think your hott.

Love is a rythem of two hearts beating, pounding out a message,steady and true talk to me baby, tell me what you're feeling I know what love is..what's it to you?

i Love u boy, y cant u see? y cant it jus be you and me?
ur everythin i want *n s0o0 much more
i think ab0ut u 24-7 jus lyk im in heaven
i love you boy jus gimme a chance
i'm better than i seem .·'`·» i promise «·'`·.

Life takes you somewhere, Love helps you get there

*Give me a *KiSs*
Give me the *wOrLd*
Give me your (LoVe) and ill be your girl..
Give me a *sMiLe*
Give me your *TiMe*
Give me your (LoVe) and i'll give you mine*

*If you love someone...Put their name in a circle, not a heart,
a heart can be broken but a circle goes on forever*

*~Do You Believe in Love At First Sight Or Should I Walk By Again?~*

-I may not get to see you as often as I'd like-
-I may not get to hold you through the night-
-But deep inside my heart, i know its true-
-No matter what i do, ill always be in love with you-

*Loving someone might mean taking chancez, but they're worth taking..*

* The hardest thing about love...
...is loving someone you can never have *

*its hard to tell your mind to stop loving someone, when your heart still does*

~I didnt know i was lookin for love untill i found you~

*Sum MiTe CaLL it XTC*
*SuM mAy CaLL iT dEsTiNy*
*SuM mAy CaLL iT MeAnT 2B*
*But I juSt CaLL It *u*-n-*me*

**There is one moment in your life when you are with
someone and you feel like the world has stopped and your life
seems so perfect, make sure you never lose that person**

~You've Never Really *Lived* Untill You've Found Someone Worth *Dying* For~

~Love starts with a SMILE, grows with a KISS, and ends with a TEAR~

*If the only way we can be together is in my dreams
*then i'll close my eyes and sleep forever*

~If you JuDgE people..you have no time to LoVe them~

-If i cant have *you*-
-Ill be single for the rest of my life,-
-I've decided that nobody could compare to you,-
-Theres nobody that can make me feel the way you do-

~Sometimes the 2 people who are -meant- for each other are the last 2 to realize it~

*How can i forget you when your always on my mind?
*How can i not want you when your all i want inside?
*How can i let you go, when i could never see us apart?
*How can i not love you, when its you who controls my heart?

~If You Love Me...Let Me know...if You Don't..Then Let me Go~

I'm totally C.r.A.z.Y for you
But i dont even -KnOw- u
I ((LoVe)) you more then words can show
So nOw & [F][o][r][e][v][e][r]
Remember it's *true*
My ::HeArT:: will always belong to ~you~

-*-Love is a fairy tale come true..because i found LoVe when i found you-*-

*~I LoVe YoU~*
-NoT OnLy FoR wHo YoU aRe,
-BuT FoR wHo I aM wHeN i Am WiTh YoU-

- Love isnt what makes the world go 'round -
- Baby, it just makes the ride worth while -

-*-Love is Giving someone the ability to *destroy* you, and TrUsTiNg them not to-*-

~YoU cAn FaLL To Da fLoOr, YoU CaN faLL FrOm A TrEe,
BuT ThE BeSt WaY To FaLL iS In LoVe WiT Me!~

*~I was finally getting over you, believin' that we were through.
I even found another crush, someone other then you. I was
walking wit my head up high, thinkin' I wasnt gunna fall...
then you had to smile at me and go ruin it all*~

~If Loving You Is Wrong....Then I Dont Ever Wanna Be Right~

-I CaN't ShOw YoU tHaT i LoVe YoU
TiMe WiLL sHoW yOu ThAt I Do-

*If I Could Be An Angel I'd Make Your Every Wish Come True..
*But I Am Only Human, Just A Girl Who's Loving You*

...If You Get A Chance To See Him...
*Your Heart Beginz To DaNcE*
*Your Life Revolves Around Him*
*Theres Nothing Like Romance*

Gravity cant be blamed
for people falling in love

SpEnD a LiL tiMe Me -n- yOu
HaNg OuT~hOoK Up~JuSt uS 2
_BaBi i LoVe yOu_



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